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Going Beyond the Hollywood Big Screen

HomeTronics and HT Atlanta take the film experience far beyond anything you've ever known. We design and build home viewing rooms that make the film experience come alive. The picture is more vivid than a movie theater. The sound is more penetrating. You can literally feel the action surrounding you. And it all happens in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

HT Atlanta and HomeTronics Incorporate Cutting Edge Technology Throughout
The screen is crystal clear and incredibly sharp. The sound isn't just digital, it's THX. And the controls are simple and responsive. The entire room is custom made to match your tastes and your lifestyle. We can also supply state-of-the-art audio technology that you can experience throughout your home and make every room sound like a concert hall.

Complete Home Integration: The Ultimate in Special Effects
We can combine all your home's electronic systems in one easy-to-use control center. With just a keypad or touch screen, you can control all the lighting in your home. Adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. Even monitor your home security system.

Let us transform your home
into the next century!