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We are not impressed with buzz words and marketing hype. With over 12 years experience and with staff engineers with certifications from THX, the Imaging Sciences Foundation, and others, we are impressed by product quality and ergonomics. We believe the right product for the right application is far better than an expensive product used in the wrong place.

Video and Projection Systems

Runco Projectors & HDTV Televisions • Extron • Sony • Pioneer Elite • Stewart Film Screen • DaLite Screens • Faroudja


Bryston • AMC • Pioneer Elite • Denon • Audio Design Associates (ADA) • Parasound • Audio Control • Lexicon


California Audio Technology (C.A.T.) • Triad • Parasound • Sonance • Atlantic Technology

Source and Components

ADA • Sony • Pioneer • Denon • Parasound • Audio Control • Audio Request • Escient

Control and Integration Systems

Audio Access • Phast • Lutron • SVS Lifts • Unity Systems • Audio Control • Crestron • Channel Vision • Monster Cable • Panasonic Phone Systems